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Consider your business and editorial goals and direct your visitors to the most demanded sections of your website.

Our recommendations platform analyzes each user's behaviour and interests, and chooses and displays the most valuable content to provide the best user experince.

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Display interesting promoted content from other premium publishers and send visitors to them.

In return your content is promoted on leading publisher websites from Thailand.

Best practices of engagement

Choose the widget type which fits best to your goals.

Shows only your most valued content.

Perfect for your own users engagement.

Shows both your and other premium publishers content.

Works well for audience engagement and growth.

Only shows the best content from the publishers network.

Ideal for rapid new audience discovery and growth.

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Natural widget design

Choose from a list of standard widgets or we will create a customized widget for you which will fully conform with your design.

You can select from 20+ content categories including but not limited to:
  • Music

  • Education & Career

  • Automobiles & Bikes

  • Nature & Travel

  • Economics & Finances

  • and more...
Brand safe environment

Apart from access to the top premium publishers network you remain in full control of content distribution to ensure the safety of your brand.

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